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Hospital de la Familia


A medical facility offering general medical, minor surgery, pediatric, obstetrical and dental services.

Teach With Africa 


Teach With Africa is a nonprofit organization empowering students and teachers in a reciprocal exchange of teaching and learning in Africa and the U.S. Teach With Africa seeks to reduce the embedded inequities in our societies by working with key partners to provide access to quality education in order to transform children's lives, schools and communities.

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Hospital de la Familia Foundation


What started over 35 years ago as a small dispensing pharmacy is today a year-round medical facility offering general medical, surgery, pediatric, obstetrical and dental services. The hospital consists of wards that can accommodate up to 72 patients. During the past several years the hospital has maintained a staff of over 60 full-time employees, including 4 doctors, 12 nurses, and 3 or 4 nurse/nun instructors and a contingent of Guatemalan medical and dental students. The hospital treated over 13,000 patients last year. In addition, surgery is provided by volunteer U.S. surgical teams 4-6 times per year for 1-2-week stays.  There are optometry and ophthalmological surgery teams that also provide care. These teams provide care to over 1500 patients annually.

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Lifehouse currently provides personalized support services to over 250 individuals with developmental disabilities in Marin and Sonoma Counties.

Lifehouse was incorporated in Marin County in 1954 by a group of parents who wanted an educational program for their children with developmental disabilities. At that time there were no special education programs and children with special needs were at a loss for receiving educational services that met their unique requirements. With the help of visionary leaders at Dominican University and collaboration with Marin County Office of Education, the parents created a preschool, and later a kindergarten that eventually grew into an excellent special education program managed by the Marin County Office of Education

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Programs in animal aid, advocacy, and education

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